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We create affirmation cards and activities that will change the life of a girl you love.

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Affirmation cards to build confidence and resilience

Do you worry about your kids’ confidence, their potential, the way they view themselves? Will they grow up strong and resilient? Will they have what it takes to succeed at whatever it is they want to do?
The GirlPower Tribe Affirmation set will help the special girls in your life develop the strength they need.

What you'll get

  • 30 Beautiful cards chosen especially to develop inner strength and determination

  • A guidebook with over 70 activities to work through with your special girl

What you'll learn

  • Why affirmations are such an important tool

  • Ways to use the cards in daily life

  • Skills to develop a positive growth mindset together.


Larissa Pretorius

Larissa Pretorius is the founder of GirlPower Tribe. Drawing on over 25 years’ experience, teaching and facilitating with the Education department of Western Australia as an Early Childhood teacher, Currculum Officer, Literacy Specialist, Peer Mentor and school leader, Larissa has recently created the GirlPower Tribe Affirmation deck and Guidebook as a powerful tool to build self-confidence and inner strength.

Her Story

Larissa experienced a difficult break up in her first marriage. From that, she learnt the power of internal dialogue – the messages we tell ourselves. When we latch onto the negative thinking patterns that result from telling ourselves we are useless, fat, ugly etc., our self confidence suffers and we make poor life choices. Larissa says, " I began to reflect on this and my daughter. I don’t want that for her or her friends. I want them to grow up as strong resilient young women who reach their potential by lifting up those around them and inspiring others. I wanted to change to voices in their heads and so I began to search for affirmations with messages that spoke to me."

And so... we created the GirlPower Tribe Affirmation cards and an accompanying guidebook of 70+ activities for using the affirmation in daily life.  

GirlPower Tribe Affirmation Set - $35 AUD

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"GirlPower Tribe is a space for women and girls to be a part of a circle. We are committed to raising up ourselves and others through discussion and friendship. With positive affirmation, movement, and fun, together let’s develop inner strength and resilience!"
- Larissa Pretorius