Step into your Girl Power and become your own cheerleader.

Hi. I am Larissa and I am the founder of GirlPower Tribe, a group especially created to empower girls to reach their potential.

With positive affirmation, movement, and fun, together we develop inner strength and resilience! This is my first tribe on King Island. They learn Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance from me, but we also take time to talk about girl stuff!

Have you ever heard that voice in your head? You know, the one that says “I am not good enough”, “I can’t do it”, Everyone will laugh at me”, “What are you doing? You can’t cook?”

Mine speaks with my ex-husband’s voice, but yours might be the mean girl down the street or the nasty great aunt you see every Christmas. The thing is, the experiences we have build our self image. They contribute to the opinion we have of ourselves and our abilities. When they are negative they limit us and stop us doing things What we need to do in order to grow and step into our power is to switch those voices around. We want to lift ourselves up, to be our own cheer squad and powerhouse of energy. We can do this with positive affirmations.

An affirmation is a positive statement we say to ourselves. It can help us to change our behaviour or remind us how awesome we are. If you say it to yourself everyday it becomes your inner voice. It can change your life and help you be confident and happy.

For so many children (and adults, too!) positive self-talk doesn’t come naturally. Many of us have a lot of negative thoughts about ourselves and our capabilities. Using positive affirmations trains the brain to think more positively and this comes with many benefits.

  • Builds a positive self-image
  • Helps us to cope with strong feelings like sadness, fear, or overwhelm
  • Cultivates a growth mindset
  • Reinforces that mistakes are OK and we learn to overcome challenges
  • Builds our confidence
  • Helps us cope with stress
  • Improves overall attitude
  • Motivates us

We use affirmations as part of our dance class each week. These are some of our favourites…

Learning is life. No one can be expert in anything by just squeezing all the information into his/her mind in no time. It takes time and effort to be a master. To learn things, we need motivation and enthusiasm which leads us to understanding.

positive affirmaton

If every beginner gave up when things got tough, there would be no expert. Every time we hit a roadblock, we cannot simply throw up our hands and say, “I Quit,” you would never get past that. When you know you have failed, you can understand where you made a mistake. Try to learn from the mistakes and be the best you can be.

If you want to succeed, don’t compare yourself to those who have achieved. They are not lucky. They may make success look easy, but no one knows how much hard work has gone into making them reach this position. Everyone starts as a beginner and takes that first step, and only by moving forward can they reach that expert level.

positive affirmation

Strong and empowered people have a positive self-image. They believe in their own value and worth. The words that we use have power. Repeating an affirmation to yourself daily helps to embed it in your mind. Affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you change your mood, state of mind, and manifest the change you desire in your life. This card asks you to recognise all of your wonderful characteristics.

What is inner wisdom? It’s a gut feeling, a sixth sense, an inner knowing, an instinct. It’s a hunch, a stillness, a quiet inner voice. Without knowing it, we are making decisions all the time, moment by moment. We want to get it right. We may have trouble tuning in and trusting ourselves. The trick is to learn to trust and listen to this voice.

It is something you feel, rather than something you know. So, how do you know when to listen?

Listen carefully. Get quiet and silence the chatter in your head. Slow down and stop multi-tasking, just for a while. Now, let your Inner Wisdom — your intuition — help you to decide what matters most. Think about all the things that are on bothering you right now. How long is your to-do list? Can you possibly get everything done well right now? Probably not. So, what is most important?

As you consider each task on your list, feel into it. Your inner wisdom may “speak” to you, not in words, but a feeling. It will guide you. You may feel a lightness in your spirit when you think of one thing, while another may feel as if your chest is heavy. Notice. Pay attention to these feelings. Your inner wisdom is communicating with you about what matters. Trust yourself.

I hope these affirmations are useful to you .

Blessings, Larissa

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